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Oculus Client Minimal

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I am currently working on setting up a Virtual Reality activity for education, using the headsets Oculus Rift. I have got 56 Oculus rifts setup in our lab with dell precision PCs. The PC's are registered on our network and multiple users will be using these devices.

One issue I came across with Oculus is that every user has to setup the Oculus software individually. That is whenever a user logs in on a new computer, he has to setup Oculus for himself. Ideally, we would want to setup the Oculus once on every PC, and it sets up the software for every user. 

To be precise, if "user A" logs in and sets up Oculus at "PC 1", "User B" can just login on the same "PC 1" without having to setup Oculus. Do you have any solution to that ? If not, could you suggest an alternate login solution?



id have thought it makes less sense to expect everyone to be the same height and their eyes to be the same distance apart.  Surely you cant expect to set it up once and then that setup would work for everyone ?

If it ends up that there is no solution so avoid individual setup per user... what is the need / requirement for users to log in individually?

I mean... cant you just make a generic login that everyone uses when using the rift?

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