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Oculus Desktop App v1.39.1

Level 15

Ok, got this update a couple of days ago (public, not beta) and it actually included some 'what's new' info for a change.  Since this does not appear on the Oculus release notes (or I don't where to look?) I thought I'd copy/paste them from my desktop app.  All seems to be working fine with my Q2/rtx3090 with Link and Air Link.  I don't see all of these features like leaving passthrough on but maybe these get rolled out like features with the Quest.


Oculus software, version 1.39.1

From the Dash Settings panel, you can now set your Passthrough+ session length to “unlimited,” which will allow you to see your real-world environment while using Dash.

Guardian setup will now attempt to automatically detect the floor height for you. You can still manually adjust the height if needed.

When using the virtual desktop feature in Dash, the virtual keyboard will now automatically open when you select a text field.

Oculus Home

Your Home UI now includes a history of the Homes you’ve visited in the Places UI section. Homes you’ve visited in the last 30 days can be visited again with a quick button press. You can clear out your history or opt out entirely in the Settings UI.

Never miss a Home reward pack again! Updated notifications now let you know when you have a reward ready to open. Also, notifications in Home have been redesigned to make things easier to read and understand.

Now you can use Home gateways to load directly into your favorite app. In addition to setting up destination gateways to your own home and your friends' homes, you can now set up an app as a destination and use it as a simple and quick way to get into your favorite experiences.

Home now features a camera, accessible straight from the Home Menu. Look on the bottom for the camera icon, and open the camera to capture your favorite moments in your Homes or Homes you're visiting. Take selfies, or screenshots, and find these images in your Documents/OculusHome/Camera folder.

Touch Controllers

We’ve made performance improvements to better track your Touch controller movements in VR. These updates include:
Improved tracking when controllers are close to the headset, and at angles turned away from the headset.

Improved tracking in difficult poses such as under-hand throwing motion.

Reduced re-acquisition time when controller tracking is lost.

You can now use both of your Touch controllers at the same time when interacting with different elements like the keyboard, Oculus Store, and Library.


Fixed an issue where Dash could crash if you had non-ASCII characters in your username.

As always, if you encounter any issues with this software release, please be sure to report them using the Help Center > Provide Feedback option within the Oculus desktop software. If you have any feature requests or suggestions to make the Oculus software even better, please head over to our UserVoice page to share your feedback. Thanks for your continued help!


PS. probably should be in Announcement and Releases sub but I'm not sure if that sub is restricted to Oculus only or not?

i9 9900k, rtx3090, 32 Gb ram, 1tb ssd, 4tb hdd. xi hero wifi mb, 750w psu, QPro w/Air Link, Vive Pro

Level 15

So I guess this latest Oculus Desktop app update has not bricked anyone's PC or headset yet, lol!

i9 9900k, rtx3090, 32 Gb ram, 1tb ssd, 4tb hdd. xi hero wifi mb, 750w psu, QPro w/Air Link, Vive Pro