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Oculus Home - Day/Night + Weather/Seasons

Level 2
After using some of the new Xmas themed assets inside oculus home it became extremely apparent that it’s quite a shame to not have the option to change the weather and/or season of the included environments. On the same note, it would be great to have day and night cycles. If dynamic weather and lighting changes are too performance hungry then at least an option to have the system boot into morning, mid-day or night settings for the environment when jumping into home. It would be such an improvement to the immersion factor as it would really breathe life into home. 

Anyone else interested in seeing this on the roadmap?

Level 4
I would totally love to have these features for Oculus Home as well!

Level 12
Love the idea!!!!  Please make this happen Oculus!!!!!

Not applicable
Home 1.0 was great at Christmas. Snow, presents, gingerbread men and stuff. I think the time of day was in real time too if I'm remembering correctly.

Level 2
Oh I wasn’t aware of Home 1.0 having those features. I guess I must have somehow missed it. But very nice. Hope they bring that kind atmosphere back at some point. 

Level 9
Also suggest here:

i7-7700k, Zotac RTX 3080 AMP Holo (10G), Oculus Quest 2
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