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Oculus Medium Crashes after Seconds

Level 4
Hey. I bought the Oculus only for the use of medium. Sadly its crashing on start.
I have 2 nvidia gtx 980 graficcards. Tried several stuff I found in the net (registry, install grafics new, Bios, disable other programs), but nothing worked for me..

I have a Logfile here:

Kind Regards



Level 15
Make sure you disable any GPU overlay programs like MSI Afterburner or RivaTuner. Also, SLI is not supported so you may want to disable it. In addition, be sure that there is nothing plugged into the secondary video card. All cables (Rift and monitors) must be on the primary dedicated GPU (usually the one on top) and not any secondary cards and especially not on the motherboard video port.
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Level 4
I couldn´t find any programs running. But also killed in the Taskmanager everything not needed. Then I disabled second Monitor. Took away the SLI Bridge. Disabled Second Graficcard. Took out second graficcard.. Nothing worked.

The strange thing is, that other programs like Quill on the Oculus work fine..

Level 4
In the Log-files its always: {!ERROR!} [LibraryItem] Error [3221226505] returned from library item oculus-oculus-medium-retail

After few hours trying to fix I now have: {!ERROR!} [Kernel:Default] [DisplayManager] Failed to set power mode on NVidia adapter. -175

Don´t know if thats better 😕