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Oculus Meta Quest 2 - low FPS

Level 2

Hi There, 


The problem I am experiencing is specific to the F1 22 game. When I play it in normal mode on my gaming laptop( OMEN) I am getting a crystal clear image at around 80+ FPS. When I play the game on VR, I am getting 35FPS on average making the game blurry and not the best. How do I resolve so that I am getting the same or at least 72 PFS on y my VR headset?


Rendering VR is much more demanding than rendering a flatscreen game. Two separate views have to be rendered simultaneously at high resolution, before being encoded into a video stream for transmission to the headset. What are the specs of your laptop? Even high-end desktop gaming PCs struggle to render some games at high framerates and laptops tend to be less powerfull than desktop equivalents.

Level 2

Laptop name - HP OMEN  16-b0146TX