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Oculus Quest and Paraplegia / Handicap / Disability

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Hello community!

I am a nurse, also gamer and tech-savvy, owner of a Quest I.

I plan to try it at the home of one of my patients suffering quadriplegia with partial upper limb mobility. The idea is first to see if we manage to navigate in the OS, then test the videos in VR, maybe travelling apps and games, also evaluate/prevent motion sickness.

I'm starting to prepare for the session which should be held in a few days, so if you can think of any apps appropriate, please let me know. If you also have notions to adapt the ergonomics of the Quest, I am interested. Then if there are caregivers with experience in the matter, or if you know of serious studies on the subject, I am also interrested!  Let me know if you want a feedback of this work.

For info, my Quest is already equipped with a support strap that improves the fit and comfort of the head, as well as protections / grip and side straps for the controllers that allow them to be held in the hand without having to tighten them. I use the Quest mainly stand-alone, but also with an ASUS TUF Gaming laptop PC via Virtual Desktop, so a mobile and wireless solution to use Steam apps among other things. On the other hand, I was never able to make the Link work on it, a well-known problem of conflict between the RTX and the graphics card of the motherboard, glitchable but too technical and in this case not essential for me...

Thank you in advance for your participation!


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Have you had a look at ALVR.?

It connects to steams VR app and the GO It also allows  different control options along with the GO Control.


I Managed to get this to happen....


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I actually think a new section for this would really help collate this information.  I know i've seen so many posts about this.