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Oculus Rift CV1 NOT cancelled, and NOW arrived... And freakin' awesome!

Level 5
I've been following consumer VR for three decades and formalized my academic interest in Mixed Realities during my research dissertation for my MSc. several years ago. I was a little too late to the Oculus Kickstarter with DK1 (only because of financial constraints), but I managed to snag one up from Oculus post-Kickstarter, and I've been following the surrounding discoveries, the inventions, and the developments since. Including the healthy immediate competition in the HTC Vive and PSVR.

Competition is healthy, it drives innovation and customer participation, and will ultimately solidify VR as a ubiquitous technology.

It genuinely upsets me to see so many posts here, and on Reddit from a camp of people bashing one VR solution over another. Competition promotes individual choice. I chose the consumer Rift because through research I've conducted through thorough reading from reputable, and not-so-reputable sources, and exhibition attendance. I was able to come to my own decision that the Rift is superior to the competition in the areas that are relevant to me.

TL;DR, I pre-ordered the Rift on day one of pre-orders. It arrived yesterday. I'm totally happy with my purchase. Heck, the Rift surpassed all my expectations, and I was a bouncing-UPS-tracking-door-watching-bunny all day. This is truly a human-experience-changing piece of technology, and I'm keeping it.

Level 8
Step 1. Buy Blazerush
Step 2. Rejoice!

Level 5
Your patience has been rewarded!!

Level 15
Congrats! If you take the advice of @CharlieHobbes then I look forward to clipping you down the lava pits 😛

Level 5
Oh, I'm already there. Add me for mayhem!

Level 3

Step 1. Buy Blazerush
Step 2. Rejoice!

I followed this advice.  I do not regret it.

Level 5
What's sad is most of the hate is coming from Vive fanboys, that claim they once stood with oculus. Look I can't tell you when my oculus will arrive but I will not be cancelling for nothing, because I really feel that oculus will be making the best games that my money can buy.. On second thought at least the oculus fanboys aren't bashing the vive players that are having so much troube over on the steam forums?

Level 12
The internet negativity really is getting old fast.. I'm thinking of removing the Oculus Subreddit from my bookmarks altogether at this point, because there's just far too little Rift / VR discussion there and too much senseless outrage and melodrama and people trying to convince everyone that the Vive is better.  :disappointed: 

I've really never understood the mentality of seeing everything as a competition whether it needs to be or not, of wanting to know which thing is THE ABSOLUTE BEST and then devoting more time and energy to ****ing on "the competition" than to actually enjoying the things someone likes.

Just because most people can only afford to buy one HMD doesn't mean only one should stay on the market, right? I picked the Rift because its design and features and content and the audience its targeting and the experience its aiming to provide all appeal to ME, personally, not because I think the competition has nothing going for it whatsoever.

Congrats on getting yours, OP, and glad to hear you're enjoying it as much as I'm enjoying mine!
It's hard being the voice of reason when you're surrounded by unreasonable people.