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Oculus Rooms, Open Or Closed Apps?

Heroic Explorer
Hey, The newly announced rooms are a great idea.  Besides launching into games, you have access to mini games, a shared web browser,facebook 'facetime'.  I'm sure there will be items you could buy for your own space e.g arcade machine.

Is it going to be a closed garden experience? Can anyone make a room app then upload it to your own room without approval, have Not Safe For Kids things around? (I'm talking about the 'Exploding Kittens' card game obvs).  Will we be able to create our own dodgy made houses?

I know opening things up could be a 'money violation' for the company, but everyone moving to a different platform is a 'bigger money violation'.  I have a feeling Oculus rooms is going to be more important then just a minor convenience in the long run.  I would prefer a big company streamlining,supporting and making it great.  But if it bans too much custom stuff, I don't have any problem moving ship for less awesome but more open experience.

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