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Oculus Software Download issue fix

are you having problems downloading Oculus software? 
Welcome to the club, after nearly 2 days I was able to download the Oculus software, 800 MB of hell!! 
but I did not just download the software, I found a way to skip the whole download thing in the future
here what to do

1- when you download Oculus home let's say on the "C" Drive, a folder is created called "OculusSetup-DownloadCache" 

2a- if the download is incomplete and an error appear, don't freak out, and do not close the setup, just minimize it, go to C Drive double click on OculusSetup-DownloadCache folder (give permission by pressing continue) then copy all the contents and paste them in a new folder somewhere else

2b- if the download is successful, do not close the setup yet, go to C Drive and repeat the steps in 2a

3a- if you are a 2a, copy the files and paste them in a folder and name it OculusSetup-DownloadCache, start the setup and make sure to install in the same drive where the Cache folder is located

3b- if you are a 2b, congratulations you have installed Oculus Software and you kept the files if you need to install it on another PC or the same PC if you did a format or reinstalling windows, all you have to do is to follow the steps in 3a, and you will see that when running the setup, it'll skip to installing.... 

also for anyone with slow internet connection, you can ask any friend that has a fast internet to do these steps, take the Cache folder on USB and move it to the drive you wish to install Oculus Software into


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Hiwiss83, i'm trying to do a offline install with your instructions (i have my rift no internet connection yet), but in my case the cache directory i've been able to copy is only 36 MO, and then i have a big separate "oculus" directory of 1.3 GO. I don't know with exe file to launch to initialize the setup (there is a "setup" file in the oculus directory but this one is for the all download process.

Thanks for the tips, going to try this method.

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I cant even get to that part. mine keeps saying it cant connect to server . can you upload the files somewhere so we can have them . thanks

Tried but running setup deletes the old cache directory. It always seems to get jammed on File is too big and file download timesout.

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Can you please make a youtube video on this, im not a 100% sure what you mean