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Level 2



How come the Oculus Store on my PC-app and phone-app show different games and not syncing what I have bought? For example, Walking Dead is named "The Walking Dead - Saints and Sinners Meatgrinder Update" on the PC and is 31,76 GB. The game on the phone app or in the store on Oculus 2 headset is named "The Walking Dead - Saints and Sinners Tourist Edition" is 8,4GB but looks the same quality wise while playing with USB-C cable (2gb/s) or directly from the headset. And it does not matter where I start the game, from PC or headset I still can continue where I left of. What am I missing?


Level 11

There are multiple app stores. But in answer to the specific game you mention, Meatgrinder Update is an update to the game The Walking Dead: Saints & SInners, the PCVR app. This version is the game in it's full glory, and the original version. To play it, you need to load it up on your desktop computer, and use either a Rift, Rift S, or a Quest/Quest 2 as your PCVR headset via Link or Virtual Desktop (assuming you don't have a quest 2 and the V28 update).


Tourist Edition is specifically the Quest/Quest 2 version of The Walking Dead, Saints & Sinners. It sounds like while they are the same game, they have different update names and builds. One build to specifically allow it to run on the Quest and Quest 2, and the other a much beefier build that can only run as PCVR and/or PSVR.


Yeah, research shows The Trial is just the Quest name for the Meatgrinder update, so named after a new mode the Meatgrinder update included.

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