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Oculus Update 1.10 vs 1.11 -- What is your current status post-update to 1.11?

Please select the option that best describes your current experience with Oculus Rift functionality overall post-1.11 update.

I was reading reading through the 1.11 Update threads and noticed a lot of regulars on the forums having issues.  I also noticed a lot of people who are posting have low post-counts and no avatars, indicating they are infrequent visitors unless they have actual issues with their Rift.  Personally, I don't notice any difference post-1.11.  I wanted to gauge the actual results people are experiencing with an unscientific poll.  Results are visible to others.
Rift-S, Quest 128GB, GO 64GB.

Haven't had spinning hands since the update, so I'd call that an improvement.

DK2, CV1, Go, Quest, Quest 2, Quest 3.

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I didn't notice any change myself. I didn't even notice the update until I saw the thread.  The poll results seems to indicate some widely mixed results, however.  Bumping to collect more unscientific data (finger in the wind).
Rift-S, Quest 128GB, GO 64GB.

Not applicable
Pretty much the same for me, but I am still running a stock 1 sensor setup and have only had it about a month. Only issue I had was the sensor disconnects using my Fresco Logic Innatek card, and the tray tool has solved that for me. Going to be adding Touch soon so will see how that goes...

3x Sensors & controllers since Dec 13th - Tracking went from bad to worse!  

Was using 4 sensors until 1.11 update and now having non-stop Touch Controller Tracking problems.  Now i spend all of my VR time communicating with Oculus support and reading through the forums waiting for a either a fix or another work-around to try.  I currently have to go through the "Reset Sensor Tracking" process for each time i want to "try" and use the touch controller with the rift.

I did find some temporary luck going through the following process with a 4 sensor configuration, posting in case it works for someone else 😕

After spending most of yesterday evening (again) trying to troubleshoot this issue here is a temporary workaround that I was able to get tracking the touch controllers somewhat working. As well as a consistent repro to show the touch controller tracking issue(s) on my setup:

1. Go through the Sensor configuration with all 4 sensors attached to the system.
2. Once sensor configuration is complete go back into Oculus Home With the HMD
3. At this point if I take the headset off and let the system sit for approx. 4-5 minutes.
4. When I put the headset back on after the 4-5 minutes I get the tracking issue(s) with the touch controllers, where the tracking jitters/lags on the screen and warps when the controllers are in use.
  * Note: Not seeing any of jitters/delays/issues with the headset tracking--it works as expected.
5. At this point if I unplug the rear 2 sensors the issue seems to be corrected temporarily until I take another break.
10900K | RTX 3090

Not applicable
Wasn't too sure which to vote for. 1.10 screwed my Guardian boundaries. 1.11 screwed my height and Guardian boundaries. I managed to sort out both my height issues and Guardian boundary issues by going Scorched Earth and reinstalling Windows 10 and by connecting my Rift via a USB 2 port on my motherboard and my two sensors on two USB ports on my motherboard. So far it's all working as it should with 2 front facing sensors.

Not sure if it was me reinstalling Windows or changing the USB ports but it's all going good so far.

Heroic Explorer
Had absolutely 0 problems with tracking on my 3 sensor setup and no other problems either.

However, since 1.11, while the 3 sensor tracking is still spot on, my height while wearing the headset seems to change every time i put the headset, almost always moving me up a couple of feet, and I've also had my Guardian boundary wander off through the wall a couple of times as well. 

Expert Protege
Hand glitches have improved but I have the height bug which I did not have before. Don't know what to vote. 

less stable than before the patch.
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