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OculusDebugToolCLI Documentation

Level 4
Is there any documentation for the OculusDebugToolCLI.exe program available?
I am having trouble with the command line arguments. I can send commands using the tool and it's CLI.
But I cannot find a way to send a single command from the command line and ultimately a batch file.

I am trying to send this command "service set-pixels-per-display-pixel-override 1.25" works fine from the program's CLI.
I tried " .\OculusDebugToolCLI.exe service set-pixels-per-display-pixel-override 1.25"; that just dumps me to the program's CLI.
The --help shows it will accept command from a file; " -f|--file FILE                 Specify a file that contains debug commands"
But if I put the command "service set-pixels-per-display-pixel-override 1.25" in a text file and specify it using -f the program loops forever spitting out the CLI prompt over and over.

Where have I gone wrong?


Level 4
Following up my own post. I think I have solved it. 
OculusDebugToolCLI.exe likes the text file containing commands (-f option) to be encoded UTF-8, not in the default windows format.
Converted the file using notepad++ and it works.

Level 3
I am having a similar issue, but I need to turn off ASW. I cannot seem to get the CLI to take any parameters or arguments from a batch file. I need to turn off ASW every time the PC resets due to lack of code access to the server for these types of commands. If anyone knows of a better way to access ASW settings, please let me know, but from what I have seen so far, the only way to change this setting is through the OculusDebugTool or the CLI version thereof. Now only if the CLI setting would accept parameters addressed to the server when being launched from a bat file...

Level 4
Here is what I have found;

The CLI doesn't really take any parameters besides the -f parameter.
Type OculusDebugToolCLI --help to see the available options.
To see the CLI command syntax enter the tool via the commandline and type help from the CLI prompt. exit exits the CLI.
commands you want to pass have to be listed in a UTF-8 text file. the
last line in that file should be exit to exit the tool. You can then
run OculusDebugToolCLI -f yourtextfile to execute your CLI commands from
the commandline or from a batch file.