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Ok, maybe a dumb question but....

Is there any device and app available that would allow a guest to observe everything in VR that you are seeing and doing?  I thinking something that would allow them to see it in the same VR environment.  You know, something that would allow you to take someone on a tour or a ride.


HaselHoof said:

Zenbane said:

I want them to see it in VR not on a flat screen.  

Yes I know, and I answered that. You can use the 360 cameras to stream, and the person with the VR HMD can watch the stream.

Say I want to show a friend who is visiting something cool and I want him to experience the full VR as I move about and do my thing.  He's sitting in a chair next to me kicking back with a headset on while I do the deed.  

For example - as I am repairing a node or conduit junction on the exterior of the ship in Lone Echo, that person would be seeing what I am seeing in VR exactly as I am seeing it. 

Well in your first example you said a tour or a ride. That's different that someone being in the same room as you. If you want them to experience Lone Echo in VR, then just hand them the HMD so that they can... experience Lone Echo in VR lol

The only other thing you can do is mirror to your flat screen. So that they can see what you're doing.

Other than those options, all you're really asking for in this new example is to have Lone Echo become multiplayer. Because you're asking if they can be in Lone Echo, in VR, alongside you.

Sigh.  Apparently you're not getting what I am asking but no prob.  I found the answer elsewhere.  Grin...  But thanks for playing.  Your door prize is waiting for you at the exit.

There's no reason to be rude , they are giving their time to try help you .

(yawn) And there you go, being rude.

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This Double_Shot seems nice.


This Double_Shot seems nice.

I am a really nice guy, actually.  Grin....  I just don't easily suffer those who are determined to look smart but never attempt to address the actual question or concern.  Look at my short convo with Kojack if you need an example of how a discussion should go.   I'm not here to coddle overly-sensitive talking heads.