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Opened my new rift last night, what a flawless and amazing experience!

Level 4
Had my birthday last night and finally got to open my new toys!

Setup was so stupid simple, plugged 2 sensors into my pcie-usb card and my 3rd sensor+ rift into my mobo's usb 2 ports and ran the setup. Set my guardian area up and was able to use my full 10ftx7ft space no problems, I can't believe how well the tracking works. I spent 5 minutes flailing like an idiot trying to lose tracking and not once did I feel like it did, played some superhot VR and minecraft VR and holy crap is it awesome. The rift is everything I hoped it would be, also discovered DONT TRUST THE VIRTUAL TABLES! Went to put my touch controllers down only to hear a thud on my carpet, turns out that table infront of me doesnt exist lol. Let my kids (9 and 5) plus my wife try it for a while and they were all blown away by how well it works to,

TDLR: The rift is amazing and worth every penny! 

Level 4
Haha I'm looking forward to it