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Order Processing

Level 2
I ordered Quest 2 three days ago and the order still says Processing.  How long does an order usually process before its shipped?

Level 2
I would like to know this, as well. Also has been 3 days. They've haven't even taken payment yet.

Level 2
It's been a week and a half and it still says processing, and still haven't taken the payment 

Level 15
If you take the time to notice things while you are ordering from the Oculus store you will see an estimated delivery date.  If you do not note this at the time you may not see this again.  You will also see that Oculus will not charge you until your order is ready for shipment (if you used a CC you may see a $1 charge for validation purposes).  When this happens you should receive an E-mail (if you were logged into your Oculus account when you ordered) with a tracking number when it is shipped (usually 1-2 days after it becomes ready for shipment). 

As usual, if you have any concerns about your order you should contact Oculus support.  Asking about it here in a user forum is not going to be very helpful imho.
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