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Are Meta/Oculus ever going to bring the PCVR link GUI into this century? It looks so outdated and cumbersome compared to the native Quest 2 interface. Considering how great Virtual Desktop looks effectively doing the same job, they really need to refresh the link version asap. Anyone know if there are any plans to update it?



I'm pretty sure that Meta plans to bridge both Gui's into one sometime next year.  So, I imagine both will end up looking the same and be more seamless for Quest users.

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18 months later and there's till no word if this will ever happen. There's plent of updates for the native GUI all the time but it seems the PCVR/Rift software/GUI remains stagnant. I pretty much play AirLink PCVR over native Quest 2 titles where possible and am getting concerned they may just abandon it at some point. Even basic functions such as switching between party and app chat are missing and need updating, the entire GUI is laboured and cumersome and so out of date now. Can @Ryanality give any kind of feedback on this, I'm sure there's plenty of AirLink users out there wondering the same?!


Coming up for almost 2 years since I opened this topic and the PCVR software is still the same as it was when the Rift was the flagship headset!!!! Why bother putting all the work into AirLink if you're going to leave us with obsolete software to run it?!!? It still has Oculus branding all over it and doesn't even support the most basic features. Shocking support for the PCVR users. 😠

Hello, @NorbertNoBacon!


Thank you for taking the time to reach out and share this. Conversations like this are one of the main reason forums like this exist.


If your specifically asking about any upcoming hardware or software updates, we're not able to be 100% sure when talking timeframes. That being said, however, if there is an update or change that you'd like to see, make it known! You can head to our ideas page, located here, and share the things you'd like to see with the rest of the community.


If we're talking about some difficulties in using your device or hiccups with the software, we'd be more than happy to take a look with you and see if we can get everything sorted. You can make contact with Support by following this link.

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No, It's not still the's getting more worse since then
For example: they've cut out the friends (now follower) and the chat section....why???

I noticed that last night. It appears they're quite happy to nerf it further (which means they are still technically "developing" it), just not update it with the features we've needed for years. Cheers META! 🤡

It's already since update to v41.😂

Funniest thing: as I mentioned this at support, they've told's a known "bug" , technical support is working on that and it will be fixed soon.

Well, now we have v43 ...... 


Now this is interesting, VR Air Bridge finally making an appearance. No excuses not to update the software that runs it or integrate it into the native Quest home.