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Participants Wanted: Surveying the Prevalence of Harassment in Social Virtual Reality

Honored Guest

Hi everyone!


Allow me to introduce myself: I am a senior in the Computer Forensics & Digital Investigations bachelor’s degree program at Champlain College, and I’m currently working on a capstone project that revolves around children's experiences in social virtual reality environments (i.e., any VR application that is used mostly for social interaction). 


Because I plan to specialize in investigating Internet crimes against children (ICAC) upon graduating, I’ve specifically chosen to research child sexual exploitation (CSE) and harassment in social virtual reality; not a lot of data currently exists on the prevalence of CSE and harassment in social VR spaces, though, especially where it concerns Oculus devices, and that is why I am humbly inviting members of the Oculus community to participate in a survey about your experiences with harassment in social VR spaces (e.g., VRChat, Rec Room, and Horizon Worlds).


Oculus users of all ages are invited to complete the survey, as I am interested in learning how prevalent harassment in social VR is among all age brackets—not just minors. Additionally, all social VR users are invited to complete the survey regardless of whether they have experienced harassment or not.


The survey consists of 19 questions and should take around ~10 minutes to complete. Some questions are multiple choice, whereas others ask for a written response. Please don't worry too much about grammar, and feel free to take as much time as you need to answer each question.


You will be given the option at the end of the survey to consent to the possibility of your responses being quoted in my capstone paper. If consent is denied, your responses will only be reported in aggregate.


Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and I’ll be endlessly grateful for all who choose to complete the survey. 🙂


Here is the link to the survey (hosted by Typeform).



This sounds awful, I think I'd rather stick a gun in my mouth than participate in this kind of a survey

Clearly ironic....CrypticJim...  Good to know.... 



Link goes down a rabbit hole.