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Phone VR like Oculus Quest

Honored Guest
Phones have been evolving a lot in the past few years since the gear VR release and I feel like phone vr needs an upgrade now. New devices are out and are being released that in some ways pass the oculus quest specs, an example is a One plus 7 pro. This phone is one year old yet it still could run some vr titles like rec room with heavy optimization. Not only that the display is great. Its huge and 90hz 1440p which means it's perfect for vr especially with the refresh rate. Phones are evolving and especially with the refresh rates I feel remodeling the gear vr to incorporate this would be amazing. One huge possibility (this is a reach) is inside out 6dof tracking. Phones often have great cameras or depth sensors and those could perhaps be used for 6dof vr. With this maybe a paid app could be created that runs the same os as the oculus quest. Even if this tracking didn't work there are way more possibilities like just adding simple exterior trackers. Personally using vr has been a dream of mine for the past few year but unfortunately I cant afford it. I know for a fact if oculus released a 100 or 50 dollar kit to put phone vr to scale with the oculus quest with touch controllers and 6dof, I along with a lot of other people wanting to try vr, in poverty, or even youth would definitely purchase. I really wanted to get this out because especially in these times it would be amazing. If oculus took the long difficult software approach it could be worked on and maybe even create new jobs since its online. There are so many great different possibilities with this and I believe it has great sales opportunities especially in this time (imp If it's even possible because I know it's way harder than it looks). Anyway I'm done now I just wanted to get my message out because this has been on my mind for so long and I want to hear opinions on it and maybe see it become a reality. Sorry about grammar errors I'm on my phone currently. Thanks for reading this.