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Playing non-oculus software on DK2 - Win7

Level 2

I own a Motion VR Experience place at a mall and one of my headsets is broken.
The headset we use is called Deepoon E2, which as far as I know, is a chinese version of the DK2.
I wasn't able to find that headset anywhere but in China (or on amazon for $600, and I can't afford that).
So what I'm trying to do is to get a DK2 to work with the software we use. The software we use is very simple, it's basically a simple 3D movie player, so my guess is that any headset should work.

I got a DK2, and even before I had installed anything, I plugged in and for my surprise it was recognized immediately and I was able to see my desktop screen on it and everything seemed to work just fine.
When I turned our software on everything worked fine, except for the gyroscope. So the game was playing fine but the player would always look forward and the head motion would not work.
So I figured this could be a driver issue.

Doing some research, I found out the latest runtime available for the DK2 is the So I installed that but when I did, the headset wouldn't work as an "extended mode" anymore, so I'm guessing it would only work for Oculus games, which is not the case here. So I uninstalled it.

Then, I found out that earlier SDKs such as the had an option for "extended mode" that allowed the player to play non-oculus games or movies. I had a real hard time in finding that Runtime since it's not on oculus website anymore, but I found the file and downloaded it, however I can't even get it to install, there's an error right when I open the installer saying I have the wrong version or something.

My pc spces are:
8gb ram
Gtx 1050 - driver 382.05
Win7 ultimate SP1 - 64bit

Is there any way you guys could imagine how I could get the DK2 to play a non-oculus software on this computer?