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Poll: Immune to VR sickness / motion sickness?

Level 2
Hi all,

I have to admit I was a bit wary in the beginning regarding all that reports about VR sickness with the Rift.

It seems I am extremely lucky: I did not have a single instant of motion sickness after playing about 100 different demos, many of those quite intense (roller coasters, flight simulators with fast rolls, ...). I tried to come close to it but it simply feels normal to be there, even if the environment moves in an unexpected way (I also never before had any problems with reading in cars or being on ships).

At first I explained that to me by my repeated use of spatial strategies when memorizing stuff (so called loci method) which I practice quite intensely since about 6 years and, using this, also take part in respective memory competitions. The techniques involve moving quickly in imaginary environments and creating/doing stuff there over an extended time. On the other hand, a colleague of mine who also takes part in those kind of tournaments gets motion sick quite quickly, also with the Rift. He also had that problem long before using those spatial techniques. It might still be that there is a hereditary aspect to it and that using those techniques immunized me completely also against the more extreme experiences in the Rift. He, on the other hand, might simply have been beyond "salvation" from the beginning.

I have the feeling I somehow need a "cause" why I cannot get motion sick. On a strange and nearly subconscious level, I have a feeling that if I somehow lost that "cause" (using those techniques) why I could not get motion sickness when using the Rift, I might suddenly get it :). On the other hand, if I knew that complete immunity to motion sickness / VR sickness was not that uncommon, it might also be the case that I am part of that group.

So my question is:

How many of you have never had never any VR sickness at all with the Rift, even in the most extreme conditions, but have had simply a rather relaxed or pleasantly excited experience?



Level 2
I don't see any actual poll to respond to, but you can count me in on the list of people who can't seem to get sick!
I've also played hundreds of demos, and have yet to experience ANY dizziness/nausea. So, if Oculus ever needs a guinea pig (aka human lab-rat) to subject high-intensity motion-sickness experiments on.. You know where to find me!

Level 2
Thanks for your reply! I was not sure how to add a poll (if possible, I will do it). Otherwise, I guess this has to be a "poll" among everyone answering to this thread :).

By the way, I played TechnoBabylon yesterday for the first time. Really cool moments, for instance seeing yourself in a mirror as a different person. Will play on today, seems like a very cool Neuromancer/Deus Ex/Lucasfilm Games blend!

Level 3
current FPS games make me sick

anything where the avatar is seated I can play for hours with no issues whatsoever.
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Level 5
I get sick pretty easily in the rift. Almost every game has the potential to do it too. Even in seated cockpit type games. Im hoping that the pow persistence function helps with that and ill be able to get stronger vr legs as time goes on.
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Level 2
Thanks for all the answers until now.

Interesting to see the different levels here. Hope it gets better!

Level 2
I used to get sick with the rift (nausea and a headache) but now I don't. Not even a little. The closest I came recently was a little disorientation after putting down the rift after over three hours of use. It went away within 10 minutes. I know that it varies from person to person but it sure is encouraging to not have it anymore. I was very worried at first.
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Level 8
I've never been motion sick before VR. Rollercoasters, boats, and even those motion sickness chairs don't even remotely faze me. You can flip me upside down and slide me around and I won't get sick.

But -- If you make me look through a virtual boom-arm camera in VR that can rise up and down very quickly, then it's game over. For example, the 3rd person camera in Skyrim is very disturbing to my brain. If I zoom the camera out sufficiently far and then move the mouse up and down rapidly to rotate around my character, that's a one-way ticket to Nausea City.

Level 2
Regarding your Skyrim experience: Interesting. Might want to try that to see if it affects me, too.

Level 2
Anything that moves faster than a toddler gets me within a handful of minutes. That's why my DK1 is all alone getting dusty behind my monitor. Sucks.