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Poor performance on high end system

So I finally setup my rift again after a while away and I seem to be getting pretty poor performance. My current specs are i7-8700k, 16gb ram, EVGA 2080ti FTW GPU. While it occurs in some oculus games (Robo recall sometimes having little hitches) I notice that this seems to exasperated in steamVR with games like gorn and some songs on beat saber getting some pretty serious frame drops. Any suggestions on what could be causing this?

Do you have Norton or AVG or McAfee installed?

Community Manager
Community Manager
Hey @TazX14,

Performance issues are usually caused by several different factors. Some of these factors could be drivers, sensor setup, or potentially conflicting software. For SteamVR in-particular, I would recommend ensuring that the automated super-sampling is disabled. That being said, not all SteamVR games are optimized for the Rift, so that could also be a factor.

As there are quite a few possible factors, we would love for you to grab your Diagnostic logs using these steps: then create a ticket with them attached so we can look further into that for you.

Thanks, -Aidan
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Steam VR has their supersampling settings that you can adjust per game. 

I had a problem with some Steam VR games where I would get massive stuttering. I was able to resolve it by changing the cpu affinity thus setting Steam.exe OVRServer_64.exe and other background processes to different logical cores from the game I was running. That worked for me.

Use performance monitor to see what processes are active while you play.

Also, I assume you've updated your drivers and windows?
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