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Ps2 vr specs revealed!

Level 5

A huge closed door submit took place for psvr developers and the link below tells of the specs coming out. It was also mentioned that many of the triple x ps games may have a vr option. If that happens it may be tough for me to play other things on my quest even with wires on the psvr2. It proves to me content is king. Check out the link below. I believe this is going to be the standard future vr headsets coming out will need to copy. I rarely get excited about a new headset coming out.





Level 15

If true, it does look like a new VR king, especially due to 4K res, oled and potentially awesome controllers:


I do agree that content is king, I don't buy hardware if there's no new and interesting software to support it - but Sony may indeed be the one to push high-end VR forward with new awesome AAA titles. 


Still not going to buy that PS5 before the hmd is available and content revealed. Even if the temptation is really great this time... 

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