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Psvr2 finally on website!


This site offers you news and an email when the psvr2 is ready for pre-order. This may mean that the release could be way before the holidays. I'm hoping to get overwhelmed with AAA games and a kick ass headset in the near. Exciting times.

PlayStation®VR2 | The next generation of VR gaming on PS5 | PlayStation (US)



 I'm cautiously excited but don't want to get my hopes up and don't know what to expect. My last PS was a PS3 and got it because they were the only console to have 3D support. Most of the 3D games that were available were great but too few. 


 I'm wondering if PS4 VR games are going to be compatible and available to us at launch time.    

Gigabyte  AB350 Ryzen 2700x, 32gb ddr 4 3200, 2080ti. HP Reverb G2, Index controllers, Quest 1 and 2x Quest 2. 65" 3DTV HD3D DLP projector.