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Quest 2 support for Puppet Fever

Level 2

Hello, I feel like I'm missing something and am looking for help.  Under the Puppet Fever game on the Oculus Quest website it indicates that the game supports Quest 2 but I cannot find how to download/install the app onto my Quest 2.  I can get the companion app on my iPhone with no issue but none of my searching on the Quest 2 results in a link or way to download and install it.  Should I be able to download Puppet Fever onto the Quest 2?  Thank you.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey Danimal21,


Don't worry, we'll get you in the right direction with downloading Puppet Fever on your Quest 2. You should be able to download new content straight from your headset. I will go ahead and provide you with an Oculus Support article where you can follow the instructions on troubleshooting your issue. - . If you find that this article doesn't resolve your issue, please submit a ticket with an Oculus Support agent to assist you further. - . Have a great weekend! 😎

The issue is that Puppet Fever does NOT show up in the store on the Quest 2 headset. Also, there is no button to select to buy the game on the Oculus website; instead, the only option is to add it to your wish list.