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Quest 3:Problems with sweat

Honored Guest

Your headset is also advertised for workouts, but unfortunately that's not possible because sweat always occurs during workouts and apparently the devices aren't sufficiently protected against it, despite completely drying them off with microfiber cloths after use and your silicone cover etc. 

It’s my 4th Quest 3 which dies after using it with ElevenTableTennis:-(

I’m in a community with many players and a lot of them have the same problems and must replace their headsets regularly because of this issue… Most die with „tracking failure“ and nothing works. The display moves with head-movement and controller are vibrating every second but aren’t tracked as well… no head and no finger or controller tracking… There are also threads on Reddit… why don’t you seal the chips inside like it is done with smartphones???

As I said in chats before. You should invite me as your product-tester. When your devices lasts for me in the long run, then it's good😉


Expert Protege

This is a very interesting comment.

I was always wondering how the headset handled sweat during workouts.


This is how my headset died. I got "Tracking Lost" and the boot screen loop after a Supernatural Monster workout. It's amazing what 30 minutes' worth of perspiration can do to the Meta Quest 3 😓

Now, to find a facial interface that is sweatproof and can shield the device vents--if there is one.

Honored Guest

Did you find a workaround? Headband maybe? I'm receiving my replacement after killing mine with 2 months of Les Mills Body Combat VR and would prefer to avoid another return...


@twISTer1979  One of these facial interfaces with an integral fan may help. And, as the fan direction can be reversed it could pull moist air out of the headset rather than blowing it over the electronics.

Four Rift CV1s, Quest 2, Quest 3.