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Quest Link Problem

Level 3

Hi  I have oculus quest 2  and I have a problem with oculus cable link .  I was playing ASSETO CORSA on VR 

with 72HZ At 4028 x 2096 rez without any problems !  But I made a big mistake and update  my graphic card drivers and Oculus App .  Now I can not play at 72HZ anymore !  I got all kinds of distortions and flickers and strobe effect. My performance headroom goes below  Minus %60  with lots of frame  drops  !

I had no problems before the driver updates and Oculus updates !   

Only  working setting is 90HZ but it still has flickers and not smooth as 72HZ ..  and  I can not play it anymore ! 

I made a speed test to my USB CABLE  and  result is 2.7 gps  !   

Stange thing is everything working fine with AIRLINK wireless !  I dont have any distortions and flickers  with WIFI

But resolution is not too good if you compare with cable link .  I have no idea what is the problem . 

My computer specs are   Desktop Win 10 , Radeon 6800XT , 16gb  3200mgh  RAM , AMD Ryzen 5 5600X OC

I did everything I could re installed  old graphic card drivers and oculus app  nothing worked  😞

I need help guys !