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Quest Pro - User Reviews

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Well, it's arrived!!!


I thought it would be a good idea to have a go-to thread to post user reviews of the headset and controllers, so here it is.


I'm probably not going to post my review until I've had a week or 2's use out of it, but if anyone feels like sharing first impressions or in-depth views, feel free to post them here.


...and if you've received your headset today, congratulations, hope you're having some fun 🙂

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I had a chance to check one out and I think it's pretty slick looking. I'm definitely looking forward to your take on the device 🙂

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

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My headset came in and got to use a social VR game after setup for a few minutes before the headset died. (Should had fully charged it after I got it out of the box).


The headset feels great on the head, very light weight, I haven't been using the light blockers because I've been jumping from my computer and phone too much for setup. But it's kind of nice being able to have the blockers removed. 


AR pass-through works okay even though I don't have lights on in my dark room.


Setting my boundaries works okay, but whenever I put the headset down and put it on. My boundaries move and the headset doesn't remember where to properly set it. And it's really annoying since the boundaries pop up way too much on screen as I get close to the border and my 7ft I initially gave myself isn't good enough.


The controllers feel good. I never even used another Quest device before. So being my first VR headset, I don't have any controller comparison. But I find the finger tracking difficult to use and not as accurate as I'd like it to be.


But the screen quality is good. I can read everything really well and there's no screen door effect I had when I tried the PSVR in the past.


So far it's a nice device, but I'm really disappointed with what $1500 got me. I wish we had Beat Saber included, the full light blocker, the link cable and carrying case included with the device as a one solution kit. 


I'm finding out the facial tracking features don't work via Oculus Link (which makes me question if I should return the headset since that's a huge deal breaker for me, but I'm hoping for a software update or comment from Meta soon on this). 


But right now I'm still exploring the headset, but with the battery dying as fast as people are reporting (a little more then 2 hours). I just don't know if I just want to return the headset or not. 


I want to start using the headset for my creative endeavors once I use the headset a bit more to try out. But a nagging part of my brain keeps telling me to just return the device and wait out for Steam Index 2 or Vive's next headset. I'm hoping Meta will come out with solutions and a road map of where the headset will go from here in terms of updates.

Level 15

OK, I got my nice new Meta Quest Pro earlier today!  Like @DaftnDirect I won't go into too much detail until I've explored what this headset can and cannot do.  I will say that while I think all the eye, face, and hand tracking, together with AR passthrough seems pretty cool, the main reason I bought this was for Gaming/Sims, preferably wireless with Air Link.


I didn't have any problems setting up my Q-Pro.  I've setup that many Oculus/Meta headset over the last +4 years so it was a walk in the park.  I tried a few standalone games and they all looked very nice.  Sort of reminded me of how much better standalone mobile VR looked when I upgraded my Q1 to a Q2.  Although the Q-Pro res is basically the same as the Q2, those pancake lens together with much better contrast really make it look a lot higher res.  Colours really pop and blacks, while still nowhere close to OLED, are a bit better than my Q2.  The Q-Pro audio has a much richer tone, with a little more bass than my Q2.  I'll probably pick up a set of Earbuds.  The Q-Pro, like the Q1, has separate left/right 3.5mm audio sockets btw.


The new Pro controllers are fantastic and reminds me of my old Rift cv1's.  These are def gen 2 controllers.  Nothing else out there comes close to these imho.


I tried some PCVR starting off with a Link cable and this all worked great.  I then tried Air Link and I couldn't believe how well that worked.  I think it actually worked better than Link, lol!  I ran 3x flight sims (Aerofly FS4, XP12 and MSFS2020).  These all looked and performed very well with Air Link.  I don't really ever want to go back to wired PCVR and so far, it doesn't look like I'll need to, lol!


I think the Q-Pro headset is pretty comfortable.  I'm not a big fan of Halo headstraps but once I played around with fitting it properly for my head size/shape it seemed fine.  My only complaint is that I don't like the Silicon pads because for me, then tend to get a bit sweaty and then start to slip a bit.  Hopefully 3rd party companies will come out with some cloth covers for these.  I may try to get my wife to make me up something in the meantime. 


The side blockers worked a lot better than I though they would.  I've pre-ordered the full face interface and right now I'm not sure that's going to be necessary.  I may even cancel that pre-order,  I like to have a little peeking room and as long as there is no strong lighting I don't find it takes away from any immersion, for me at least.  I also find that it helps mitigate fogging.


I can't say much about battery runtimes yet.  I played a couple hours before dinner, put it (but not the controllers) on its charging station, then played a couple hours after dinner.  The headset battery was a bit low at the end, but not critically low.  The controller batteries still seemed to have lots of remaining charge.  I'll probably use an external battery pack for longer sessions.  The Q-Pro manual also says that it's fine to use the supplied 45w charger/cable to charge and play at the same time.


So far, I'm very happy with my Q-Pro.  I think it's def the best standalone VR headset out there right now, and probably the best non-DisplayPort wireless PCVR headset as well.  Whether or not any of you feel that $1.500 is too much to spend for this headset is up to you.  I feel lucky I've been in a position to be able to afford this.


I'll post a few more detail after I've lived with it for a week or two.  Cheers.

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Volunteer Moderator

I'm trying not to make any early conclusions @TomCgcmfc but I agree with everything you said so far 100%. I'm struggling a little bit with comfort, I think it's been designed for small to average size heads and my big head doesn't fit the forehead pad perfectly and when tightened up the thin adjustment bands pull inwards onto my temples, I get a headache after a couple hours, I'll maybe try a couple zip-ties to keep them out towards the main arms of the headset. The forehead pad could do with being a little thicker and softer to cater for wider foreheads. I doubt there'll be a big market for third-party hardware as this headset isn't really meant to be high-volume/long-lived compared to non-pro headsets.


I found the clarity pretty amazing. I'd go so far as to say there's no sweat spot... it's sharp across the whole of the lenses for me. Text is very noticeably clearer. It looks maybe 50% higher res than the Q2, even though it isn't. Aliasing is more noticeable along high contrast straight edges though because of the sharpness, hopefully there'll be improvements in the software to compensate. Zero godrays even though there's much higher contrast.

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Level 2

I’ll keep it very short.


Controllers are great, pass through is a large improvement but still moderate resolution.  New lenses and resolution is amazing.  Fit is much better than my Quest 2 - much.  I’m loving it.  Now if I could just get the Meta Oculus app to let me add a payment method so I can buy some games…..

I've been having the same problem with comfort. The headset is just a smidge too small, I wear glasses so putting the headset on is a bit of a challenge if I have the light blockers in. 


I keep having the headset too tight and leaving marks on my forehead. 


Outside of that, I bought Walkabout Mini Golf and played with a friend. Being able to draw my playspace and the motion tracking made Mini golf a really memorable and fun experience. I didn't bang into anything, I always knew my borders. 


Then my friend bought two games for me. And we played A Township Tale together for a bit. Though came into a problem (probably a game problem) that I had a hard time viewing my pouches and accidently hitting and dropping things. I suspect the controls might be exttlremely responsive and in response sensitive in this game. But I need to explore a bit more for a real impression.


Overall, a better second day. Hopefully my friend and I can get into the other app my friend bought me Kingspray Grafitti tonight, so I can get a feel on the controllers haptic feedback.

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Volunteer Moderator

Yeah, at the moment I may be over-tightening, not sure. I had the forehead marks too. I was hoping for Rift-S levels of comfort, it's a bit better than Quest 2 was when I first wore that headset and I gradually got used to that one so maybe I just need to find the right placement. Rift-S didn't need any fussing though. I think if your head is average sized then no issue. The good thing is that the image seems to stay sharp even when you're adjusting the placement (within limits) so there's more flexibility there.

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Could one of you with the Pro do me a favor and measure the IPD of the front passthrough cameras?

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I measure it at exactly 64mm.

Intel 5820K OC@4Ghz, Titan X (Maxwell), 32GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4, ASRock X99 Taichi, Samsung 500Gb 960 Evo M.2, Corsair H100i v2 Cooler, Inateck KTU3FR-4P USB 3 card, Windows 10 Pro v21H2 (19044.2075)