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Quest Pro and MRC (Mixed Reality Capture Tool)


Does anyone know if there is going to be Quest Pro support for MRC in the near future.  It really shouldn't be a big deal for Meta to update the tool for the controllers.  Additioinally they shoudl update it for the latest version on OBS so we can use nvidia virtual background instead of a green screen.

I am able to use use the latest stable version of OBS 29.0.2 with the latest version of MRC by copying the following files in the bin folder from a standalone version 24.0.3 of OBS to the plugins directory or bin folder.  I prefer the plugins directory as to not clash with anything in my main app...


This is nice because we can use things like nvidia background removal tool instead of a greenscreen.  But updating the MRC app for the quest pro controllers would be nice!


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey! I'm glad you were able to get OBS working. If you have any recommendations for more features then you should head over to the Ideas page and post them over there. 

Feel free to reach out with simple questions! For any troubleshooting please make a post or reach out to our wonderful email, chat, and callback support team here:


i keep getting an error code when trying to save the file calibration file

ive never had problems till now 

access is denied 

do you have any idea 

im just putting it out there now looking into it for over a week and still wont save


Has anyone been able to get MRC working with the Quest Pro?

It doesn't work with quest 2 at the moment I know that.

On quest 2 we are having a file error denied is that what you get with pro?

Interesting. For me, it works on Quest 2, but my Quest 2 is still at OS version v51. My Quest Pro is at version v53.

What version is your Quest 2 at?

Also where do you see the “file error denied” error appear?

What issues are you having? Some of us haven’t been able to get the MRC calibration to save in  our Q2 headsets.. 



 just thought I'd share the same picture 

Hoping others.have the same so they finally look into to fixing it after a month.

Its a bit long, are they even looking it it is my question.

Or we being fobbed off

No still trying they keep asking me.for evidence sent them everything I have and still nothing its been weeks now and nothings been looked into.

I have this when trying to save file.


Thats what I’m starting to think.. Figured I would post this link for others who have gaming PC’s and the ability to use LIV.. Im going to try later if Geoffrey goes to work.. It says there is a feature to use that doesn’t require greenscreen. It still needs MRC in the headset, but may be a work around option if the issue is in the PC side .. Doesnt hurt to try.. If anyone else has options to try, please post..