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Quest Pro and MRC (Mixed Reality Capture Tool)


Does anyone know if there is going to be Quest Pro support for MRC in the near future.  It really shouldn't be a big deal for Meta to update the tool for the controllers.  Additioinally they shoudl update it for the latest version on OBS so we can use nvidia virtual background instead of a green screen.

I am able to use use the latest stable version of OBS 29.0.2 with the latest version of MRC by copying the following files in the bin folder from a standalone version 24.0.3 of OBS to the plugins directory or bin folder.  I prefer the plugins directory as to not clash with anything in my main app...


This is nice because we can use things like nvidia background removal tool instead of a greenscreen.  But updating the MRC app for the quest pro controllers would be nice!



Were you getting the Save Calibration to Headset Error? Where it says you are denied access? 


I've found a fix for my MRC issue which is related to the calibration errors others have mentioned in this thread.
Meta, if you see this, there is a problem with MRC saving calibration files in v53 due to file permissions. Maybe this is due to the upgrade to Android 12? Will MRC get fixed to work with the latest Oculus OS version?
The problem I was dealing with: When I made an MRC calibration, the calibration files were not saving for some of my apps. But, for Gravity Sketch, the calibration files saved and worked fine!
To fix the problem: I had to use the ADB command line tool to fix file permissions.
After connecting my device to my computer, I launched my Terminal (command line) app, then:
1. Ran the command `adb shell` to get access to the file system of my Quest Pro
2. Went to the app data folder using command: `cd /storage/emulated/0/Android/data`
3. Granted read and write permissions for all apps in this folder I want to use MRC with: `chmod +rw com.CompanyName.AppName` replacing the company name and app name for each app.
4. Copied a working MRC calibration file from Gravity Sketch to each app I want to use MRC: `cp com.gravitysketch.gravitysketch/files/mrc.xml com.CompanyName.AppName/files/mrc.xml`
Now, I can make new MRC calibrations and everything works fine for MRC in other apps besides only Gravity Sketch.

Regardless of the fix I have mentioned above. Some apps seem to not work with MRC at all.
Specifically, I am developing an app in Unity 2022 with Oculus Integration v51, and even after attempting the fixes above, I cannot get MRC to start a streaming session with my Unity app.

hi my quest 2 has updated to 56 now.

My MRC hasn't been working in over 6 months for me, its quite frustrating

had no response from meta about this problem.. REALLY ANNOYING!!!

I've just seen that the Oculus MRC app for PC has an update to 5.1.2:


The release notes say:
"Version 5.1.2 fixes a bug which prevented the calibration file from saving to app folder."


Could somebody try this out and post here if it fixes the broken MRC?


OLA DOWNLOAD XSplit Cam on your PC and when you log in, don't register, click on skip and open OBS with Webcam. and choose the backgroundless option first.