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Quest Pro canceled after less than a year according to Mixed-News

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The news just arrived:

The main source:

More here:

As we've discussed in the Steam Hardware Survey thread, extremely low sales would explain why Quest Pro was not even in the chart, which started at 0.01% of users. And extremely low sales would argue for the hmd being retired extremely early.

Not sure Quest Pro makes much sense with Quest 3 arriving with a much faster processor (Adreno 740 at 3.6 tflops vs Quest Pro with Adreno 650 at 1.2 tflops).

But let's have the info verified from more sources. 2c.

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Ya never know whether or not to believe so-called inside sources or not imho.  Could just be more fake news and clickbait.  At least it will give Meta-hating YouTubers something to crow about while they praise other headsets they get for free and provide affiliate links for, lol!  I find those YouTubers kinda annoying and I try to avoid even watching their vids anymore.  I also think how sad it is when VR newbies believe and buy based on these reviews.

If this rumor is true, I feel very blessed to have gotten my preordered QPro 9 months ago.  Overall it's the best VR headset I've ever owned.  I mainly play PCVR wireless with Air Link (I don't even use my Link cable anymore).  Together with my very strong gaming PC (i913900k/rtx4090) and a very good router/wifi setup it runs all my Rift, Steam, and VivePort apps, including my MSFS flight sim very well.

If these rumors are true I hope to get at least a couple more years use out of it.  By then, I'm sure something else will tickle my fancy.  Maybe an Index 2 (Deckard) together with a 14th/15th gen intel cpu and rtx5090 PC upgrade, who knows?  None of the current and upcoming headsets in 2023 have me jumping up and down wanting to purchasing them.

I'm sure that the Q3 will be nice upgrade from my aging Q2, esp. for standalone VR/MR and, of course, I intend to buy one.

Anyway, just my $0.02 worth.  Or, after exchange rates, au$0.03 worth, lol! 

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@TomCgcmfc Meta hating is definitely a thing for some in the VR community, having a dual use PCVR/stand-alone was more than enough to sour the milk for the diminishing PCVR-only crowd. Not sure why the Pro was ever being treated like a consumer Quest though... how many times did we say don't get a Pro if you're just into gaming... wait for the Quest 3. It's almost as if gamers feel entitle to have all headsets designed for them.

Anyway, Meta intended it for a different market and if that market wasn't big enough, I can understand a decision to end production (if it's true). If anyone wants to develop for the Quest 4 though, which will probably have eye and face tracking, it may be a good idea to get yourself a Pro while you can, developing is also aided by the design for easy on/off, scripting in the headset and monitor.

It just happens to be the best flight sim headset imo, particularly if you have control peripherals that need to be glanced at a lot below your line of sight, in my case the Honeycomb Alfa & Beta kit. Simming is a joy, I'm working my way through the bush trips in MSFS again and it's breathed a new lease of life into the whole experience... well, that and building a new PC.

I can also see myself getting a Quest 3 at some point in the future and have the Pro as my home headset for PCVR and standalone development stuff. The Quest 3 for transportable VR and gaming... and it may be better for media viewing in bed or on the sofa if it has a cloth strap (I spend about a third of my time away from home). I'm not really in a rush though, the Quest 2 will be fine for that use for a while yet, maybe in a years time.

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Quest Pro user for many months here - it's an excellent headset and everybody I put in it loves the open feel of it when not using the facial interface.  Weird how so much emphasis was put on blocking out light for so long!

I saw a couple of posts on LinkedIn declaring the death of VR last night, Meta's mistakes - the usual stuff.  I wonder how much Meta has learned from the development, manufacturing and selling and support of this product?  We will all reap the benefits for years to come and as @TomCgcmfc  says, Quest Pro owners will enjoy one of the best headsets for a couple more years 😁

DBurne also let me know that Quest Pro seems popular among simmers - but simmers may still be a small market, and again not the crowd the hmd was intended for. 

With the Quest 3 coming, I also thought that the Quest Pro may find itself in a difficult spot. Quest Pro kinda was Meta's answer to the Vision Pro for standalone, so the recent news was a surprise - I was not expecting Quest Pro to have a short life. 

If the news is true, Meta may have a lot of Quest Pros in stock, which may last for long if sales a slow - who knows. 

Oculus Rift CV1, Valve Index & PSVR2, Asus Strix OC RTX™ 3090, i9-10900K (5.3Ghz), 32GB 3200MHz, 16TB SSD
"Ask not what VR can do for you, but what you can do for VR"