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Quest + Rift S, do I need to buy the games two times?

Honored Guest
If I have both oculus headsets (Quest + Rift S) do I need to buy the same game two times? For example for Beat Saber, Robot Recall, Creed...

It depends on the game. I'm in your same boat but own most of my games on Steam so I do have to double dip but for instance I had Robo Recall on the Rift S so I got it for free on the Quest. For your reference of the three games you mentioned two are cross buy.  They are Creed and Robo Recall. 

Honored Guest
own most of my games on Steam too, but is there somewhere we can have the list of cross-buy games? 

Many games support cross-buy between the Quest and Rift versions on their respective Oculus stores, but not all games (Robo Recall does, but Beat Saber doesn’t).

To see whether a game supports cross-buy, look at the game’s Rift or Quest store page. If it lists both Rift and Quest under “Supported Platforms” then it’s cross-buy. 

DK2, CV1, Go, Quest, Quest 2, Quest 3.

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Sometimes yes. Most of the time no. It's all up to the developer.

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So, if my girlfriend plays on Quest and me on Rift S, we can play together at home on the same network and same steam/oculus account? (on Creed for example, it's not that I want to punch my gf in VR because I can't do it in the real world but... 😄 )