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Question for the future

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Hello i have a question about the futures console will there be still a problem with the stick drift or are u al trying to fix that issue so many ppl have this issue and are u guys consider to fix this i hope that u will read this and help all of us out it will be so nice if u guys can fix this i think all of us who are having this issue will appreciate it if it's fixed in the future for all our gamers out here let them hear out voices


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Volunteer Moderator

The odds of fixing it are probably low. Sony, Microsoft and (especially) Nintendo all suffer from stick drift, there have been class action lawsuits against all three of them.


It's a fundamental flaw of resistive potentiometer based thumbsticks. The solution would be to use an alternative like hall effect, but that's rare for 2D thumbsticks.

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agree with you

Ya, Hall Effect gimbals like on my higher end Spectrum radio control transmitters would be nice.  From Spektrum;


The NX10 transmitter's Hall-effect sensor gimbals offer long-lasting precision with an ultra-smooth feel that's conveniently adjustable from the front of the transmitter. Compared to traditional, potentiometer-style gimbals, these offer higher resolution, longer life, and greater durability.


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