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Questions of this Community to OculusVR

Level 2

I am opening this thread in order to discuss the implications of yesterday's acquisition of OculusVR by Facebook. The intend is to collect questions that "we" the community would like Oculus VR to address.

I will start with three questions:

1) Will the Oculus SDK continue to be available for Windows, Linux and Max OSX? Will the current Apache license continue to be used?

2) The last significant release of the Oculus SDK was v0.2.5 from 10/10/2013. Two months earlier v0.2.4 was released. Almost six months have passed ever since without v0.2.6 having been released. When will version v0.2.6 be released and what issues will it address? Is v0.2.6 even under development at this time?

3) Does it make sense to keep developing with the DK1 and soon the DK2? Will there be a DK3 and how significant will the changes be?


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Not wishing to sound like one of the skeptics but my question is:

What are the details of the timelines that FB are dangling a $300million carrot for?

Level 2
In one of Palmer's Reddit posts he mentioned that Oculus got to set the milestones. Is there any chance we could be privy to those milestones?

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1: When will we see exclusive AAA games for the oculus rift?

2: Since facebook owns Oculus now, how exactly will you intetact with people on facebook using the oculus rift when you can`t see your keyboard?

3: What will be the most important thing in VR in 5 years?

Level 3
I'm sure people are going to ask the same questions, so I'll ask the ones people wouldn't think to ask.

Will there be a coupon for "1 free pron" with every CV1, to set people at ease about the Facebook deal?
Is there any truth to the rumor I just made up, that Palmer and Mark met at a Bronie convention?
Can we get a "Like" button on the threads that just plays a fart noise when you click on it?
I spent $0.00 in the Kickstarter. Can I get it back? I might respend it later, and then some!
Last night I got to witness boones epic beard. Did it play any major role in the Facebook deal?
Was CyberRealitys response to the FB deal longer then 3 words?
Can I haz DK2? 😃 (<-- picture that as extremely cute kitten eyes)
How long did it take to translate the news into "Carmack Speak" so that he was properly informed? (I swear after following
his twitter, he speaks a different language...)
Can I haz DK2.... Pwease? 😃 (<--- cuter kitten eyes.)
After the FB deal was made final, did Palmer find the nearest stage and dive off of it?
Whats the exchange rate on retinal scans to FB stock?
Is it true that Oculus is focusing on a seated experience because Palmer can't wear sandals on a omni-directional treadmill?
Are you shopping around for a volcano lair and a hairless cat? Maybe some sharks with lazer beams?

I'm out of questions for now.
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Level 2
- Will this make it so that DK2 will come out sooner?

- Can you talk to Blizzard to get world of warcraft to work with the Rift soon?


Level 7
Cyber has confirmed that DK2 timeline is unchanged. That is, DK2s will not ship sooner. Source.

Level 9
"ojmstr" wrote:
3: What will be the most important thing in VR in 5 years?

Always-online DRM and micro-transactions.

Level 2
"Cyril" wrote:
"ojmstr" wrote:
3: What will be the most important thing in VR in 5 years?

Always-online DRM and micro-transactions.

I don't see that happening, that's EAs department.