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Really? 30 minutes of play time and rest?

Level 2
I know the health and safety guide says this, but do you really do it?

Level 15
About as often as I ensure that I never have a drink of alcohol before operating a motor vehicle.


Level 11
lol. I think I had a 5 hour session of From Other Suns. And certainly a 5 hour session of Elite Dangerous. 

There comes a point where your face hurts and you're forced to return to reality for a break. 

I think you need a break after an hour or two. But it depends on how used you to VR. For noobs maybe 30 minutes is a good start. 
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That's one thing I liked about getting an after-market face cushion / eye-pillow..even longer sessions lol

Level 10
my record is 7 hours in ED, but I had to pee REALLY badly afterwards
Though you are more than slightly incoherent, I agree with you Madam,
a plum is a terrible thing to do to a nostril.

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kzintzi said:

my record is 7 hours in ED, but I had to pee REALLY badly afterwards

This is why god invented buckets!

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Volunteer Moderator
That is a general guideline advice, more so for beginners. The more you use VR the more you start getting used to it and extend you play time.
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Be kind to one another 🙂

Level 9
i try to keep it to 30 - 60 mins at most, if anything, to wash my face and prevent all the nasty grease/sweat/oils smearing and being pressed with great force into the pores on my face.
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Level 8
My best is 8 hours straight in Skyrim, equalled the next day too! 🙂

Though I do remember needing the loo at one point, and not wanting to break so "Held it in", that was untill I met a bunch of Dragur down a dungeon, 

Then I really "Had" to go!!

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Level 15
I've done a few 6-8 hour sessions, especially back in 2016 and 2017.

I did have to take one or 2 pee breaks in-between though.

I often do 4 hour sessions. I just did 4 hours of Starseed Episode 2 (bought it during the current Summer Sale and completed the game in one sitting).

The last time I went longer than 4 hours was back in May with SkyrimVR. All it takes is one cave...