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Reasons why everyone should give AltSpace a go!

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Hey Everyone,

Probably like a lot of people here, AltSpace was one of those cool looking things on my list of things to do but I never got round to using it as I wanted to play some 'proper games' but I've been playing it a lot over the last week and I've come to the realisation that it does offer some great things for all kinds of VR users! 

Device Agnostic
Can be played on the rift, vive and gear vr which means there is always someone online and the gear vr brings in lots of 'normal people' outside of our VR bubble which is great! πŸ™‚

Motion Sickness Help
I suffer really badly from motion sickness and the first time I moved forward with the stick in AltSpace I instantly started feeling weird. So I started teleporting around and using the 'comfort turning' thing they have which worked great. However without really realising I started using the stick more to make small movements and after playing it for a few hours for a couple I days I noticed a massive improvement in my motion sickness. Now I can make small movements and feel fine, however longer walking does still get to me but it's definitely getting better!

Get your first taste of Social VR
This is probably the best part of AltSpace but it took me awhile to really get into it the first time. At first I didn't really know what to do or if I should just randomly talk to people but thanks to the really nice guys who work for AltSpace there was an employee waiting in the welcome room to help newbies like me, got chatting with him and helped me get over the 'I must look crazy talking to my rift' phase. I ended up hanging out with a really great group of people, all on different HMD's and nobody gave a damn which one you had! We went and played 'Cards Against Humanity' in the pub area and it was great fun, lots of laughs! :smiley: 

They have events running and it was really cool to just drop in and check them out without really planning on it! If you are interested here is the calendar: 

Get out your Leap Motion
This is a great app for Leap Motion, everyone seems to really enjoy seeing people with leap motion and I've already been asked a couple of times to show it off for some Gear VR users. High-fiving another Leap Motion user is pretty satisfying in VR!  ('s flipping people off πŸ˜„ )

Short or Long Play Sessions
As most people I sometimes have evenings after work where I can only spare 30mins or so before bed to chill out and this has now become my go to app as you can drop in and out whenever you like without having to worry about anything or losing 'progress' etc like you get with most games. Plus I don't get those 'just 5 more minutes...oh shit its 2am!' moments, well I do sometimes but that's my own fault and not because I need to get to the next 'save point' ! 😜

Just to note as this may come off as some kind of PR thing that I'm not affiliated with Atlspace in anyway I'm just a new fan!  :# I noticed on the store there is a new app called 'vTime' so I think I'll give that a go next!

I went in and checked it out when they had that live comedy event. It was interesting, and it really did make me want to buy a Leap Motion! I've gone back once or twice, but I didn't find a whole lot to do on a normal night without an event.

Still, it was kind of neat to be in a virtual space with a bunch of other VR enthusiasts. My wife thought it was weird, but I had a good time.

DK2, CV1, Go, Quest, Quest 2, Quest 3.

Try my game: Cyclops Island Demo

I have the Leap and the support in altspace is awesome, you can goof around a lot... The other day I force-chock my friend Vader style and while I was doing the motion my friend just stood up on his chair and in altspace he was floating around like I was the one holding him up in the air, people were impressed lol. Like I said fun to goof around with. There's also some more "adult" way to goof around with the leap and the VIVE controllers lol but I will just leave it at that πŸ˜‰
I am a spacesim/flightsim/racesim enthusiast first πŸ™‚ I9 9900k@5.0, 32gb RAM/ 2080ti Former DK2, Gear VR,CV1 and Rift S owner

Loving AltSpace so far, I still haven't tried that other Social platform that came to OH - but it only allows 4 people in a room at once which is a bit off putting. I love that Altspace can seemingly handle a 100+ people at once in a single environment. 

Rising Star
I "discovered" AltSpace this weekend and had a good time playing Holograms Against Humanity. It really did feel like you were sitting around a table playing card games with other people.  I also made a friend who showed me how to clip into the environment and get into areas that seemed to be unreachable.

The only negatives are the occasional trolls who get in your face...fortunately you can block them so you never see them again.  Also, some little kids were obviously passing their HMD between each other.  They were loud and making it impossible to hear conversations.  Again, the mute/block works with that.  There are also a lot of bugs in the online-games.  For example, Holograms for Humanity has a bug where a card you already played gets stuck in your hand and covers up any new cards that are dealt to you.  So after awhile you're randomly playing cards hoping they are a good match.

Still, it's amazing how far AltVR has come and gives you a great look at what the social space in VR is going to look like.  We are closer to OASIS than ever.  πŸ™‚

I tried out AltSpace the other night. It's interesting.

But then I went DiscGolfing...O M G... terrible idea. By "hole" 5, I was nauseous and getting close to hurling. Had to stop and even hours later on my PC without the Rift, I still felt it. Maybe I should've stuck with the teleportation method.

That aside, the mini(?) game didn't look too bad (maybe a little bland). I haven't tried anything else or gone back since though.