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Recording Webcam and VR Gameplay at the same time

Expert Protege
I'm failing with my google searches and understanding how to do this. I'm a total newb to recording gameplay, especially gameplay with a video overlay of myself or someone playing the game at the same time. I tried Shadowplay, but for some reason it isn't detecting most of my VR games and experiences even though they are all on the C Drive (as I only have a C Drive). I have it scanning program files , program files x86 and I get it to record me and the game for non VR games like Witcher 3, but even those that are supported, like Lucky Tale, nothing happens. GeoForce Experience does show Chronos and Eve Val., but none of the others including Luckys Tale, Dreamdeck, etc.  I tried pointing the games toward the Oculus Software folder and still nothing works. 

I'm looking to have the game on part of the screen, and the video in the corner just like I see on all these youtube videos. Any direction or guidance would be appreciated. I want to record my friends who have never tried this :-). Sorry for my ignorance. I also have a Logitech C920 Webcam which I'm hoping I can leverage for this.

Look up OBS, it's open source and rock solid. It will do everything you are looking for. 

Expert Protege
Thank you, I took your advice. Its a little confusing the program for beginners, but with a little patience I should be able to figure it out. Thank you.