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Rift Library Noob Question

Level 2

Hi, just got my Rift and loving it!

I have a basic problem. I downloaded Oculus Browser (for example) from the Oculus website and had to sign in with my Oculus account to do so. The Browser is now shown as "Purchased" and is in my Library online at Oculus. However, it does not show up in the Library on my PC (Oculus app) nor in the Rift Home screen. How do I transfer from the online library to the Rift  (sync the libraries)? 



Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
The Oculus Browser is a GearVR only mobile app. It isn't available for the Rift.

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Level 2

Got it thanks!

How do I browse the web with the Rift?

Level 15
You can use normal web browsers with the Oculus Desktop on Dash. Make sure you have opted in to Core 2.0 Beta in the General Settings menu.
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Level 2
Thanks - I will check that out tonight!