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Rift headset USB 3.0. Headset turns off and on: What is the cause?

Level 2
Can anybody help me fix the this issue or experienced anything similar? The headset keeps turning off and on.  When it's stable it is fine but if I take the headset off and put it back on it goes into that state again. I tried many things like rebooting, going through the setup again, etc.  Nothing helps.  It doesn't seem like it is the head gear but rather the software but it is quite annoying and I am unable to do anything.  Do I have a defective headset or is it the software? 

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When this happens and it turns on again is the game still playing on the headset? Or are you thrown back to Oculus Home..?

If the game is still running it might be that your HDMI cable has gotten loose. Happens sometimes. To fix this remove the faceplate and push the cable in