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Right Touch battery dead, Left Touch battery still FULL?

Level 5
 I got my touch controllers at launch and I've been using the included AA batteries.   Last week the right touch controller stopped working and I noticed it's battery was completely dead, while the left hand controller still has full power left in the battery.

 Is anyone else noticed the right hand controller draining battery is faster than the left hand? I asume they don't get approximatlely the same amount of use, so it seems odd that the right one would be completely dead while the left controller still has full power. 

 Mostly just got a bad set of batteries from Oculus? 

Level 9
Maybe or maybe there is a problem with the power connection inside your right controller.  Have you tried swapping the batteries over or just putting a new one in the right controller?

Level 15
Sounds like someone has been using their right hand way more than their left in VR. hmmm..   😘

Level 7
The dominant hand effect  😄
Try using menu's etc with your other hand, evens out the battery usage a bit

Level 5
You really think it's due to the right controller getting more use?  Even when you're using menus I would assume that both controllers are still powered on.

Also, the right battery went completely flat, while the left battery was still showing FULL power in the oculus setup...

Guess no one else has noticed similar behaviour then...  I guess I'll pop in a couple fresh batteries and see if the right controller goes flat prematurely again...

Level 7
Maybe it is because of the haptics (and the dominant hand). I've read somewhere that the batteries can last about 30 hours without haptics and 20h with haptics.

So you could try swapping your left and right battery after 10 hours or so 🙂 

Level 7

Zenbane said:

Sounds like someone has been using their right hand way more than their left in VR. hmmm..   😘

first time you have ever made me LOL..  Nice...

on topic.  My controller indicators went from full to dead in the matter of three hours.  Of course I had been using them since launch and this was about two weeks ago.  But I do believe there may be something off with the way the controllers measure the battery?

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Also when you set them down - make sure they're not pressing any buttons or sticks - that can drain it out faster as well.

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Volunteer Moderator

Syndroid said:

Maybe it is because of the haptics (and the dominant hand).

Yep, the right hand is more likely to have vibration due to shooting guns and interacting with stuff, which will drain the battery faster (at least a little bit).

But a lot of people also say the right controller is more likely to glitch (I've had that too). Could it be glitching because it's battery is lower due to vibration motors? Or is there a fault in the design that makes it drain faster than the left?
Are left handed people finding the left controller glitches more than the right or loses power first?

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Level 4
Having thrashed my Touch controllers for over a month I had to change out my original batteries yesterday and did notice one side used a lot more battery than the other.Have to say Oculus really hit a home run with these controllers the batteries lasted ages and changing them was really easy.