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Seeking an app to assess visual acuity.

Level 2

I am seeking an app
that will help to assess visual acuity in VR space. If something like this is
available, I would like to use it. If not, then I would like to encourage
development of such an app.  The goal is
to analyze my vision in VR space as I adjust to a new VR headset, equipment, or
content. The app might include traditional eye charts located in various
positions in VR space. It  might include
a variety of line patterns including parallel lines, converging lines, and
grids at various locations in VR space. It might include 3D objects at various
distances and locations. These could be used to assess headset fit and
position. They could also be used to distinguish between personal vision
limitations, corrective lens (eye glasses, contact lenses, lens inserts)
limitations, headset optical system limitations, headset display limitations,
and content limitations. Such an app could be used as an objective assessment
instrument and benchmark to compare various VR equipment and content. As
headset design advances, adjustments such as IPD and diopter may be
incorporated into the headset. This app could be used to adjust these settings
for optimal visual clarity. 


Level 8
Whatever image you want to analyze, it will be produced by a bunch of points of light that make up the display. If you can see the points of light sharply, that's as good as it's going to get.  Image sharpness becomes a test of the software to utilize the points of light to best advantage. There are tricks they use to simulate a higher resolution, such as what you see when you freeze frame a moving picture and find it's a blurry mess. The motion fills in some information your eyes use to appear sharp.
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