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Seriously? Epic Bias.

Level 9
RoadtoVR is seriously reminding me of The Washington Post anymore

More hypocrisy. Epic has been making games for platforms with exclusives and 'walled gardens' for years. Exclusives or a 'walled garden' was ok until Oculus,'s Oculus I guess. 

Level 10
Yeah... don't know what pills he takes.
Sure, we take the money from facebook, because otherwise there would be no games. But this has to end. Blabla.
Excuse my bad english. I speak to you through the google translator. 😛

Level 4
They've been embarrassingly Vive-biased for months now, nothing new.

Level 5
It was an easy choice for me, I needed something I could move between my office and our entertainment area in the basement and the Rift is much quicker and easier to setup. Also, preferred the exclusives for the Oculus more so that was a bonus. I hope Oculus sticks with it, I am sure Valve will. At the least even if Oculus pulls out we should be able to run most Vive games from Steam, if sub-optimally. 

Level 15
I like how the article headline voices a 2:1sales ratio in favor of the Vive, and then buried halfway down the Ad infested web page they state that zero sales facts exist to backup the claim. 

Level 11
“When you install the Oculus drivers, by default you can only use the Oculus store. You have to rummage through the menu and turn that off if you want to run Steam. Which everybody does. It’s just alienating and sends the wrong message to developers. It’s telling developers: “You’re on notice here. We’re going to dominate this thing. And your freedom is going to expire at some point.” It’s a terrible precedent to set. I argued passionately against it,” Sweeney says.

Yep, that pesky click box.  Much easier owning a Vive and having to install an unofficial hack to play Oculus games.
What a tool.
Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. - Arthur C Clarke

Level 8
I'm not saying steam is bad, however my exxperience with VR is that Oculus has made its system much more user friendly than steamVR, at least as a Rift owner. With Oculus I can easily complete the sensor setup, and I don't have to carry the headset, but with steam I hhave to carry the headset while marking chaperone and had lots of trouble calibrating height, which works fine on the Rift without placing the headset anywhere to calibrate. Now I just need the guardian system to stay in place, so I don't  have to constantly run the setup :lol:

I'll also give SteamVR some plus points though, the desktop mode is really helpful, and I can both buy and  install games without taking the headset off. Content wise I'd say there pretty even despite some exclusives on Oculus Home,  but once  more of the games from Steam come to  Oculus Home it might swing in favor of Oculus. Steam has many more games but most of them are of low quality.

I still think Oculus wants to support Vive also, I can't see why not. Walled garden my ass!

Level 5
I like that one reason that isn't mentioned is the simple fact the Vive came "complete" from the start while the Rift had to wait for the Touch controllers. Show me the sales going forward now that they're generally equal in that area. I also like how the guy isn't actually using data to back up his claim.

If Oculus has reached out to Valve to get Vive support through Oculus Home and Valve has declined then how is that on Oculus? The Polygon article on this from last month made a good point where it really isn't in Valve's best interest to have the Vive support Oculus Home games given the money they make through Steam so again, how is that on Oculus?

I use both services and I much preferred setting up the boundary system in Home than in SteamVr as I found it time consuming and lacking in SteamVr. I also like how the Home layout is. Nice and simple.

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
I didn't even bother setting up Chaperone in SteamVR, since Guardian still works while I'm using a Steam title. If you do use Chaperone, do you see both boundaries, or does Guardian get deactivated?

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You see both.