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Since the parallax is limited to the number of pixels...

Level 4
What is the maximum -perceptual-distance available in the rift? Meaning, how big can the room be, or the area before you can't tell what object is further than the next anymore. For example, I'm real life, you can be in a football stadium, and tell that objects farther away are farther away, ie buildings, but when you go to the grand canyon, it looks like a flat wall painting because it's so far away that the parallax approaches "infinty" (which is why the stars look like they are on a dome). So what is the point where the rift it reaches "infinity"? A mile? 100 feet? 30 feet?

(i forgt to explain what parallax is).Parallax is the mechanism that our brain uses to create a 3-d image out of two diferent flat images our individual eyes see. If you put your finger up to your nose and close one eye and open one eye at a time, you'll see that your finger appears to move back and forth. This means it has a high parallax. Once y move yr finger away, y'all notice that the change/jump decreases.

Level 2
There's varying estimates.

There's been some discussion of it here: viewtopic.php?f=33&t=551

Based on that it would seem to be about 30 meters. (That's roughly 100 feet.)