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SlimeVR now has full body tracking working on the Quest natively

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator

(Video at the twitter link)

SlimeVR is a full body motion capture system using inertial trackers (so like Perception Neuron).

They've now got the software running natively on the Quest with VRChat. So they can do what Meta currently can't: leg tracking in a metaverse. 🙂


Hopefully I'll get my SlimeVR soon. They've been delayed by the global component shortage, but some of that is solved. I ordered the 10 tracker full body pack for $295.

Ten trackers (and no base stations or PC needed) for $295 when a single Vive tracker goes for $130 (plus cost of base stations if you don't have them). There's cheaper bundles (5 trackers for $165) or a complete 16 tracker set.

Or if you have the parts, you can make your own: SlimeVR is open source software and hardware with designs available for making your own trackers with arduino parts.

This video isn't on the Quest, it's just showing the recent improvements to the software.

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