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So, how close are we to a similar thing to ready player one?

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I dont know anything abput modern virtual reality, but is there something near that? Or are we more headed into the augmented reality for now? I saw a couple of vids of people transforming the exterior, but is it too far away in time to be inserted matrix style? Graphics on modern games are stupidly realistic, not perfect, but man they work. So a skyrim kind of game could be feasible? With sensitivity and stuff? I think that is much more difficult to achieve.
I know i may spund like an idiot, but i'm 41. I have played games my whole life, and viewing how deepfakes and AI in general is making technology improve exponentially, meta existing, just needing a graphical overhaul, i would love to think thwt i could be young again at 75, fighting dragons and stuff like that.
I hope i can live to see that day.

ooh that looks good. I didn't get very far into Amnesia, can't remember why, it may have been some simple puzzle I didn't solve but I keep meaning to give it another go. Next Steam sale, I'll go for the Fictional bundle.

That stuff would be pretty good in VR... or maybe too unnerving.

...I see there's an Amnesia VR unofficial remake!

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For me, Soma is the best of their games. Goes deep into intelligence, humanity, survival at any cost and what is the mind.

The Penumbra series is awesome too, except for Requiem (Frictional had publisher issues and Requiem became a challenge mission pack instead of full game).


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