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Solution to Symlink Directories and Failed Installations

I've noticed that when using a junction directory symlink to force oculus to have the "option" of using another drive for storage since Oculus themselves can't seem to be bothered to add some basic software functionality, that installs will frequently give you a 'failed installation' message after downloading.  

If you're having trouble with this type of setup, the solution is simply to go into the c:\program files\oculus\software\staging directory, and move the folder of the game that failed to install into the symlinked directory manually (c:\program files\oculus\software\software  - which is, as a side note, the dumbest directory structure nomenclature I've seen in quite some time - #departmentofredundancydepartment) Once it's moved into its final destination, just run the install again and it will install successfully.  

My guess is that this is happening because the oculus home app doesn't have code that tells it to follow symlinks when installing for many of its apps, which is really all that's required to fix this problem, so maybe a dev can take 5 minutes and add it on the next patch.  Here's hoping.

In the meantime, maybe this will relieve a few headaches for those running out of drive space who are in desperate need of actual software features in Home rather than a snazzy new Koi pond.