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Star Trek Bridge Crew TNG DLC: "Fresh Out Of The Academy" With Nathie and VR Oasis

Level 7

So as many of you know I am a huge Star Trek fan and one of my childhood dreams was to be on the bridge of the Enterprise. So obviously I was excited last year when Ubisoft launched Star Trek: Bridge Crew but was also disappointed when I found out that my favorite ship, the NCC-1701D from Next Generation was not included. This all changed a few months ago however when Ubisoft and Redstorm launched their first DLC for the game which gave the fans just that!

This DLC has brought new life to the game adding familiar enemies such as the Romulans and the Borg as well as expanding the engineers role to better fit with the Next Gen era role of Operations Officer. The games Ongoing Voyages mode has also been re-tuned to better fit the feel of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Overall I am extremely pleased with these new additions to the Bridge Crew but feel there are still a few things lacking that would make this the ultimate Star Trek game. I think it would be amazing if somehow Ubisoft added the ability for players to get out of their seats and move about the bridge in room scale. Another great addition would be the ability to have PVP ship to ship battles. Having a dedicated crew of friends out there exploring the Galaxy together and finding others doing the same in a persistant Star Trek Universe would be amazing! I can just imagine having ship to ship conversations across the view screen and then teaming up to throw down in a fight together with or against another ship manned by a crew of real players would be AWESOME!

Needless to say as a Star Trek fan I am loving this new expansion to the game and had a great time playing it with my good friends Nathie and VR Oasis. Star Trek Bridge Crew works with all major VR headsets as well as in 2D desktop mode so this game caters to all players. If you haven't checked it out then I would highly recommend that you, "Make it So!"

"I have seen the light at the end of the tunnel, and it is the headlamp of the oncoming virtual hype train!"

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I love the game, have not delved into The Next Generation much yet. I am older and my best memories are of the original Enterprise.
I took a look at TNG it but was confusing to me at first, as the ship is so different. Would be nice if they had included a Tutorial for the new ship.

Will have to take another look at TNG soon.

Level 12
Using the OPS Station is a huge pain in the arse if you want to transport.

EDIT: WHY is there yellow at the front of the Warp Nacelles?  That is just not correct whatsoever.

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This looks to be just a DLC and no expansion. A mere re-skin for the Generation Ship. It all looks quite RGB in colours and so medium res. The Ship turns at a snails pace adding to the drama I expect. No beaming your team aboard nor on Planets. It's all so isolated to the Bridge and stuck in your seats. I don't see the immersion myself from this. The hands don't line up with their wrists much either. AI don't interact but have pre-scripts. Game designers really have a narrow objective in their ideas all based upon graphics. Although this is all about coordinated team work over mic comms it lacks in flexibility.

Voice Commands only licensed until end of 2018 really?
Can't use Voice Commands alongside real crew really?
Combine this with Elite:Dangerous and No Man's Sky then we're onto something. From Other Suns had half of this.