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State of Oculus Rift CV1 Sensors and Controllers worldwide availability

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I owned CV1 for a couple of years now and am really happy with it.
I understand that CV1 was discontinued but now there is a very poor state of its support. Taking into account that there are still a lot of CV1 in use.
A lot of people cannot setup 3 sensor tracking. You can see this by questions in shops, community posts and lack of sensors in retail (there are actually no sensors, at all).
There is a high demand on sensors with no new ones available and used ones sold for double and triple the price. And it will become even worse over time.
With controllers it's even worse. Pair of them costs around 350$ for new and a 200$ for used. Controllers is different kind of issue. They are constantly in use. They tend to break and buttons tend to wear. At some point a lot of people will end up with working headset without possibility to use it.
VR headsets are not cheap. It's not an every day product. It's not a thing that can simply be replaced. Especially considering contemporary demand. Especially if new ones are inferior in some way (Rift S display type, sound, tracking - dependency on lighting, dead zones, battery life).

I personally am frustrated and I think a lot of people share this feeling.
It feels that we were dumped. It gives Oculus a bad image.
If I were pro Oculus all the time and really wanted for company to bloom - frustration from different parts (desktop client usability, how shop and sales are organized, hardware support) will make me think when following generation of headset appears.

Level 15

Imgartn said:

HaselHoof You do realize The Oculus Rift CV1 came out in 2016 ?

I bought mine somewhere in 2018 and it's in perfectly working condition.
I don't think it's good to throw away perfectly working headset if new one got released.

Especially when nothing better has arrived, the old king still reigns if you know what to look for. Blindness may be a bliss for the majority 😉

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