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Switching from Rift S to Quest 2

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I returned my Rift S.  Was just not the right device for my son.  The cable just turned out to be a nightmare. We went with the Quest 2.  Question.  What do I do with the Rift software on my PC?  is it null and void?  What about my oculus account? not sure what to do to make the transition.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.





Level 15

If it was cross-buy you should be ok.  Please do at least a little google research.


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Even if it's not cross-buy, it should be okay. You can use Oculus Link to use your Quest 2 for PCVR. There are also other options that can let you do the same thing wireless. Can't remember off-hand if Virtual Desktop lets you play Oculus PCVR titles wirelessly though.

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