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Taking Oculus on a plane/trip overseas

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I'm travelling to Australia via Singapore from London in a couple of weeks and want to take my Oculus on board in my hand luggage. The carrier lists a maximum for a lithium battery as 160Wh which should be fine, but then the Lithium content should not exceed 8g. I can't find info on the battery content in an Oculus - only the total weight is 70g. 


Can anyone advise of recent experience as I'd hate to have to lose it in customs. 


Just to confirm, I'm not interested in playing on the plane, just taking it with me on board for safety. 




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Thanks to the c-virus I have not done any OS travel lately.  I did travel OS with my Quest 1 a couple of years ago without any problems.  The airline just told me it needed to be in my carry on luggage.  I didn't try using it during the flight because my wife told me I'd look like and idiot, lol! 

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Thanks very much for the response. Generally when I google this it seems like it'd be ok, but it would be an expensive mistake if not so eager to hear others experiences. 

I can't imagine I'd want to use it onboard, both because I would look a bit mad, but also I think I'd get a bit freaked out if there's turbulence 🙂

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I think the rules these days are two-fold.


First is that security may ask that all electronic gadgets be scanned separately from the rest of your carry-on items, this used to just apply to laptops but I think it's expanded to all gadgets at some airports. So have the Quest somewhere where you can easily separate it.


Second is Li-Ion batteries can't be placed in your checked-in luggage so must be in your carry-on. If you put it in your check-in luggage, I guess there's a risk they scan it and remove/confiscate it.


Like Tom, I haven't take a flight for some time now but several people have been talking about taking Quests on planes with no issues.

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Thank you! I'll see if anyone else replies with any concern, but you've put my mind at ease somewhat.