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Level 2

a question friends someone stole my oculus quest 2 in a hotel the problem is that I don't know how they got in and I wanted to know if someone can tell me how I can locate them I appreciate it 👍🏼


Your best bet is going to be Hotel CCTV. I don't believe the Quest is trackable by itself. I don't think it has any GPS or more than basic location services.

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Hey @xatruch18, I'm so sorry to hear that happened to you. There's no way to track your Quest 2, but you can manage the sessions you're logged into by signing into, navigating to My Profile, then Security. For extra safety measures, I'd also recommend changing the password to your account as well. Also, do not worry about losing your purchases. Purchases are tied to your account and not the device. 

Finally if you have not done so already, reach out to your local law enforcement for further assistance.

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

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Volunteer Moderator

Somebody should make one of those "track my device" apps for the Quest. It's an android device but hasn't caught up to phones/tablets for things like that. Even without GPS, it can at least do wifi based estimation.

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Level 3

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